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Company Philosophy


Create Ltd. helps companies and business people do their job more effectively. We have a variety of professional 
level seminars taught by knowledgeable and professional instructors who help you become a better communicator. Using our seminars as a starting point, we then find out your exact needs and customize the contents to give you and your employees a more suitable training package.

Our flagship seminars are Professional Presentations, International Negotiations and Effective Meetings. We also supply several major corporations in Japan with business English training. These 
goals, focused training classes, increase the knowledge and speaking ability of our participants. The English aims of our business English classes also overcome cross-cultural differences and enables participants to gain confidence to communicate in a Western-style business environment. Our business skills seminars have received the highest rating possible time and time again. One 
senior executive working for a company that is a world leader in the market, said that our training was “…the best, most effective and most interesting seminar that he has had in his more than 25 years in the company”.

Another senior manager came to our training thinking that he would enjoy it but not learn anything new. After this training he hired Create Ltd. to teach all of the managers in his division. At Create, we have never employed a salesperson, but we have expanded our business through
 referrals. We have also never lost a company that we have worked with. That is almost unheard of in 
this industry.