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Writing Course

2-7 English Training - Writing Course

The writing course is designed for people whose job requires a lot of written communication with international partners. When writing to colleagues and business partners, people often worry about the level of formality being too direct, impoliteness and how to get the message across in the right tone. This course not only addresses these issues, but also builds writing confidence in a natural business English style using appropriate phrasing and structure.

The course is made up of 3 modules over a total of 30 weeks. Participants submit weekly assignments, which are then corrected and the instructor comments on recurring mistakes.

The 3 modules are as follows;

  • Module 1: Eliminating common mistakes in writing and business email fundamentals and practice.
  • Module 2: A continuation of reducing mistakes with a writing focus based on the participant’s field of business.
  • Module 3: The final module is writing customized to the individual’s current work situation.