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Effective Meeting Seminar


If “time is money,” then wasting time in meetings is a business loss.

In today’s economy we have more meetings than ever before. Are your meetings an effective and efficient use of time? Statistics show that the majority of people in meetings feel time is wasted. In this seminar we encourage clarity and control in meetings to create much more focus and achieve better results.

Key components focus on: controlling your language to reframe issues, use questions to lead and open up topics with your counterpart, active listening and summarizing techniques to increase clarity and smoothness, overcoming the differences between Japanese and foreign meeting styles and participation levels.

Our effective Meetings Seminar will turn your team’s meetings into a more effective use of time that establishes clear results. Skills that you will learn are; how to prepare for the meeting, setting real objectives, building solid agendas, facilitating and participation, and making compelling action plans.

As with anything, your abilities will improve with time and practice. That is why we give everyone many opportunities during the seminar to apply their skills. The improvements will be seen immediately from the first meeting that you have after attending this seminar.