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Global Communication Seminar

In a continuously globalizing world in constant communication, busy people need to not only communicate in the language of business but also to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. Lack of cultural understanding creates barriers to that communication. Far too often the difficulties and problems in meetings come from not understanding the way and process of communication. These barriers frequently cause delays, where one email or phone call becomes three or four emails or phone calls. At worst, relationships and partnerships can be damaged by these misunderstandings.

This seminar provides the concepts of how to bridge the cultural gap between Japanese and international styles of business. Participants will learn about how the other side thinks and feels and also explore their own culture so they are able to explain themselves to reduce frustration in the relationship.

The seminar is made up of a series of lectures, workshops, and scenarios. These provide both the change in mindset to improve the participant’s global communication and also some techniques and communication skills to allow everyone to be the global professional they want to be.