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Negotiation Seminar

Negotiations are done everyday. Negotiate for Success.

Negotiation comes in many shapes and forms in business, including both internal and external partners. Business people frequently use negotiation skills mostly in internal situations to build better relationships and to progress towards the company goals. Extremely strong relationships with customers and business partners are crucial to an organization’s success and profit. Negotiations that increase the number of solutions and options can in turn increase the size of the pie so that deals become even more “win-win”. In life we are constantly negotiating. People usually don’t recognize this fact, but the simple truth is that every time a choice is made between two or more people, a negotiation has taken place. Whether you are choosing a restaurant to go to with your spouse, or setting supply deadlines with your customer, you are negotiating.

In this seminar, we provide techniques based on proven scientific and researched concepts. We provide a tool-kit of techniques, language and psychology to increase the participant’s power and confidence in their negotiations.

We have 3 distinct courses for the Negotiation Seminar;

  • Negotiation Language
  • Negotiation Basic
  • Negotiation Advanced