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Presentation Seminar


In today’s business world we need to make an impact on our audience in a very short time. Strong presentation skills make the difference and are critical to success. Learning how to connect with your audience brings rewards in all aspects of your business.

Presentation is the flagship training program at Create Ltd. Create Ltd. has trained over a thousand businessmen and women from more than 12 global companies. The results speak for themselves with over 90% of participants “highly satisfied”. Probably the greatest feedback of all is months and years after taking these courses, participants come back to us and tell us how this seminar changed their working life and brought them so much success. From the novice to the veteran businessperson this seminar changes the way you think about presentations and puts you on the path to being a great presenter.

The seminar is made up of a series of lectures, workshops and presentation opportunities.

The practices are not limited to presentations using Powerpoint or any other kind of visual aid material. The focus is on communication skills when you need to; deliver a solid speech in a meeting or team project, meet internal or external customer needs, or even when you have to give an opening/ closing speech at a ceremony or private event.

Create Ltd. has 3 distinct courses for the Presentation Seminar:

  • Presentation Language
  • Presentation Basic
  • Presentation Advanced

The presentation seminar is a foundation of communication skills. We consider a presentation as anytime you’re speaking and an audience as anyone who is listening. However, the main setting in this seminar is more around presenting to a group of people.