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Tele-conference Seminar

T06/04/07 - Telepresence World, conference at the University of San Diego

Tele-conferences and video-conferences are a fact of modern business communication, be it via a conference room phone system or at your desk with WebEx or another PC-based system. However, for all its benefits, tele-conference communication introduces new challenges and hindrances. In particular, tele-conferences can be daunting tasks when dealing with people in a foreign language. Most business people still prefer face-to-face meetings when possible. This is because so much is lost in a TC. There are skills you can use to keep the benefits and make TC’s as close to face-to-face as possible.

Learning effective techniques, communication skills and points to avoid helps you be a professional chairperson or participant. You will lead your team by making tele-conferences more effective and reduce meeting times.

In this course, you learn these points;

  • Points to make a good agenda
  • Knowing when to┬áinterrupt
  • How to manage a time lag, catch the timing to speak
  • Useful phrases (clarifying, confirming, interruption, etc.)
  • Facilitating
  • Team building