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3-3 Other Solutions – Counseling

We offer a counseling service for our clients.

Counseling can take place before or at the mid-way point of an English course.

Our task is to give professional advice to clients so they can;

  • select the best English course for their staff
  • evaluate if participants are achieving their English goals

The purpose of the counseling session at the beginning of a course is to find out “the English needs” of the client so that we can design an English program that will allow the participant to achieve his/ her goals, as well as those of the company.

The counseling session at the mid-way point of a course is conducted to evaluate each participants’ progress toward the goals that were set at the beginning of the course. If the counseling session reveals that it would be difficult for the student to achieve his/ her goals, then the goals are re-evaluated and revised, and the course content is changed accordingly.